Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 2000/01


Prof. D. Sutanto


Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, joined the University in February 1996. Professor Sutanto is honoured for his outstanding performance and achievements in Teaching. Professor Sutanto was the co-founder and developer of the department’s novel Multimedia Interactive Classroom and Laboratory (MICAL). This facility allows students to listen to lectures, learn proactively and provide immediate feedback by interacting with the specially installed simulation software and hardware. Furthermore, students can perform laboratory work in the classroom by using computers to simulate such instruments as oscilloscopes, signal generators and digital multimeters. Professor Sutanto makes use of the facility to enhance critical thinking by encouraging students to ask the “what-if” type of questions. He is skilled at getting students to understand abstract concepts through appropriate use of videos, powerpoint and simulation programmes. He is one of the top teachers in the department for student feedback, peer evaluation and his teaching portfolio. Professor Sutanto has published 46 research papers including eight journal papers in the past two years, of which four were on teaching and learning methodology.