Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 2001/02


Dr Rhonda J. Scudds


Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, joined the University in February 1999. Dr Scudds is honoured for her outstanding performance and achievements in Teaching. Dr Scudds is the recipient of the Departmental Teaching Award in 2000/2001. She has been using the “student centered” approach to teach by being readily accessible to her students and trying to understand and facilitate solutions to their problems. She believes that education is sharing knowledge and that teaching is not merely information transfer, rather, it is a two-way process in which student feedback is a vital part of the learning process. Dr Scudds’ students obviously appreciate this style because they took the initiative in nominating her for the Departmental Teaching Award, despite the fact that courses on research methods and statistics that Dr Scudds taught are usually unpopular! On top of her excellence in teaching, Dr Scudds has managed to maintain a profile as an active researcher in the University.