Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 2002/03


Ms Julia Chen


Lecturer in the English Language Centre, is honoured for her excellent performance and achievements in Teaching. She is very much liked by her students and has been receiving consistently high ratings in Student Feedback Questionnaires since she joined the University in September 1996. Ms Chen has shown good leadership in the coordination of mandatory English courses and in the development of the Writing Assistance Programme, a University-wide service offering students one-on-one help with their writing. Under Ms Chen’s leadership, the Programme has turned out to be very successful and has gained good reputation among students of all departments. Ms Chen always pays attention to the needs of her students and strives to develop possible solutions in teaching and learning to help her students. Although she is employed as a Lecturer in fact she carries a far greater load of responsibility than her title suggests. According to her Head, she carries this load cheerfully and is regarded as an invaluable asset to the Centre as well as the University. Ms Chen is close to finishing a part-time PhD in Applied Linguistics, and is actively involved in research related to teaching and learning. She is also active in providing professional service to the community, in particular to the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, regarding language proficiency assessment for English language teachers. Ms Chen has demonstrated herself as an active, committed and outstanding teacher who keeps herself up-to-date in teaching and learning activities.