Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 2008/09

  Ms Chloe Lau

School of Hotel and Tourism Management



Ms Chloe Lau, Instructor in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM), is honoured for her excellent performance and achievements in Teaching. Ms Lau joined the University in January 2006 and has been nominated by students for three consecutive years for the Teaching Excellence Award organized by the School. She is a committed teacher with a strong passion for helping students grow and develop holistically. She has enhanced their learning experience greatly. Ms Lau’s teaching philosophy emphasizes teaching with CARE where:

C is for “Create opportunities for participation and appreciation”,
A is for “Appropriate approach for different subjects”,
R is for “Reinforce industry practice to teaching setting” and
E is for “Encourage critical thinking”.

She teaches by organizing a wide range of meaningful learning experiences for students including leading study tours where students learn about event organization by engaging in the organization of conferences and international conventions. Ms Lau’s effort is praiseworthy as it has not only provided students with real-life hands-on learning opportunities of practising their skills in planning, organizing, managing and evaluating international conventions, but has also made a valuable contribution to the community. In addition, Ms Lau has embraced new technology in her teaching. She has adopted an innovative approach in which students interact in a popular virtual learning environment “Second Life”. Such innovation and creativity has won Ms Lau the appreciation of her students. She has consistently obtained high SFQ scores; and is known to be a very well-prepared, effective and inspiring teacher. Dedicated to the profession of teaching, Ms Lau has conscientiously been improving her teaching skills by continuously attending educational development activities and courses. She is able to apply new skills learned to her active classroom teaching.

Apart from teaching, Ms Lau is active in her academic administration duties. She has contributed to the development and administration of teaching and learning in the School as a programme coordinator, member of the School’s Learning and Teaching Committee, member of the BSc Conversion Degree in Convention and Event Management Taskforce and member of the Total Workload Review Taskforce.

With her readiness to bring new elements and approaches into her teaching as well as her participation in the development and administration of teaching and learning activities in the School, Ms Lau has contributed significantly to enhancing the overall teaching and learning environment of the School.