Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 1999/2000

  Dr Chow Ming-cheung



Lecturer in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, joined the University in December 1997. Dr. Chow is honoured for his outstanding performance in teaching. Dr. Chow was one of our Diploma graduates in 1986. After his doctoral and postdoctoral training at Harvard University, Dr. Chow started his academic career in 1987 by returning to the PolyU and has since been teaching various subjects at Higher Diploma, undergraduate levels. In May 1999, Dr. Chow was invited by the Educational Development Unit to give a seminar on "How an inexperienced teacher learn a subject by teaching" as part of the "Sharing of Good Practices" series. Dr Chow's argument is that a lack of teaching experience does not necessarily translate into "bad teaching" because he can look at a problem from the students' point of view and understand the need of the students more easily. In december 1999, Dr. Chow won the Best Teacher Award of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology. His lecture materials, which are all in the electronic format, are planned to be adapted for web-based teaching in the coming semester.