Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 1999/2000

  Dr Yuen Da-wai, David



Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, joined the University in September 1990. Dr. Yuen is honoured for his outstanding performance in teaching. Dr. Yuen believes that his responsibility as a teacher is to simulate the learning appetites of the students. He also believes that there is no single successful model of teaching because it is a dynamic process, involving full interaction between teacher and students. Dr. Yuen has taught a variety of subjects in the Higher Diploma and degree programmes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. With his keen interest in improving teaching and learning, he has received a number of teaching and learning development grants over the year, which have generated new approaches and innovative methodologies. Dr. Yuen is always eager to share his experience and findings with others which included presentations made with the University and to outside bodies.