Winner of the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching 1999/2000

  Dr J. M. K. MacAlpine



Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, joined the University in 1973. Dr. MacApline is honoured for excellence in teaching. Dr. MacApline has taught a wide range of courses from first year to final year subjects as well as postgraduate modules, and has secured high SFQ scores as well as high peer evaluations. He always put in extra effort to make his classes interesting with various different components and activities to hold the interest of the students. Dr. MacAlpine is also an advocate of innovative methodologies in teaching, including the development of the Multimedia Interactive Classroom and Laboratory in association with Professor Darmawan Sutanto of the same department. As Chairman of the Department Learning and Teaching Committee, Dr. MacAlpine introduced to concept of a Teaching Evaluation Index in early 1999 and has recently given a seminar on it in the Educational Unit. He enjoys teaching and believes that "if you are not enjoying the class, your students probably are not either. If your students are not enjoying the class, they probably are not learning much from it."