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Professional Staff
Director Dr Julia Chen 3400 3173 TU626a julia.chen@polyu.edu.hk
Personal Secretary I - Director Edith Wing Ngan Wong X6298 TU626 edith.wong@polyu.edu.hk
Associate Director Dr Christine Ann Armatas X6284 TU608 christine.armatas@polyu.edu.hk
Associate Director Ian Brown X6287 TU622 ian.brown@polyu.edu.hk
Senior ED Officer Dr Josie Csete X6317 TU624 josephine.csete@polyu.edu.hk
Senior ED Officer Dr Patrick Kwok Tung Lai X6294 TU607 patrick.lai.edc@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Kannass Chan X6289 TU606 kannass.chan@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Dr Joseph Chow X6320 TU612 joseph.chow@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Indie Chung X6318 TU625 indie.chung@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Darren Harbutt X4778 TU623 darren.harbutt@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Roy C Y Kam X4408 TU621 roy.kam@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Green Wai To Luk X7149 TU620 wai.to.luk@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Mitesh Patel 3400 3647 TU614 mitesh.patel@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer John Sager X5081 TU613 john.sager@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Dr Barbara Tam X5108 TU610 barbara.tam@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Kenneth Sai Hin Tam X4103 TU611 kenneth.tam@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer David Alan Watson X4024 TU614 david.watson@polyu.edu.hk
ED Officer Dr Laura Jing Zhou X6316 TU605 laura.zhou@polyu.edu.hk
Administrative Support
Executive Officer Jo Tim Mei Kam X4555 TU617a jo.kam@polyu.edu.hk
Executive Officer Shirley Siu Yin Wong X6311 TU618 shirley.wong@polyu.edu.hk
Executive Officer Judy Yuen Shan Fong 3400 3755 TU603 judy.fong@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Officer Cassy Yung Yeung X5578 TU615 cassy.yeung@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Officer Sam Wai Sum Poon X6297 TU629 wais.poon@polyu.edu.hk
Technical Support
Technician Silent Kai Loi Lam X6285 TU629 silent.lam@polyu.edu.hk
Technical Officer Dick Chun Sang Chan X6304 TU618 chun.sang.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Technical Officer Eddie Kit Wa Fan X6283 TU629 eddie.fan@polyu.edu.hk
Technical Officer Anthony Ching Kee Ho X7148 TU618 anthony.ho@polyu.edu.hk
Technical Officer Carmen Ka Man Law X5109 TU618 carmen.km.law@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Technical Officer Birley Han Chan 3400 3299 TU615 birley.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Technical Officer Kong Chi Kong Chau X6304 TU618 kong.chau@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Technical Officer Alan Ka Fai Ko X6288 TU615 alan.ko@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Technical Officer Mag Qingying Xu X5109 TU618 mag.xu@polyu.edu.hk
Assistant Technical Officer Andy Tsz Shing Liu X6274 TU629 tszshing.liu@polyu.edu.hk
General Support
Senior Administrative Assistant Jenny Mun Yee Wai X6277 TU629 jenny.wai@polyu.edu.hk
Administrative Assistant Gloria Siu Fong Li X6293 TU629 gloria.li@polyu.edu.hk
Administrative Assistant Tirzah Yin Mei Wu X4237 TU629 tirzah.wu@polyu.edu.hk
Office Assistant Simon Chau Ming Ng X6277 TU629 chau.ming.ng@polyu.edu.hk

Project Staff (Full-time)
Project Fellow Kevinia Pui Shan Cheung X4413 TU603 kevinia.cheung@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Becky Nok Pui Chu 3400 3754 TU603 nok-pui.chu@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Arinna Nga Ying Lee X6539 TU503 arinna.lee@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Leona Cheng Li X4432 TU603 leona.c.li@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Debbie Chor Shan Liu X6276 TU603 debbie.liu@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Seth Neeley X6290 TU605 seth.neeley@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Ada See Ki Tse X4414 TU603 ada.sk.tse@polyu.edu.hk
Project Associate Dr Charlie Chui Ling Yeung X6273 TU503 cl.yeung@polyu.edu.hk
Project Assistant Eva Zhong X4307 Z708 everina.zhong@polyu.edu.hk
Project Assistant Raymond Chung Leung Ho 34003192 TU618 raymond.cl.ho@polyu.edu.hk