The PolyU Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ) System


[Last modified April 2016]

In PolyU, all full-time and part-time staff having a major teaching responsibility for any subjects/classes of any PolyU award-bearing programmes at the sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels are required to collect feedback from students on their teaching on a regular basis for both developmental and judgmental purposes. The results will be used as one of the sources of evidence in judging a staff member’s teaching performance in the annual staff appraisal and in important personnel decisions regarding (re)appointments, tenure and promotion.

In July 2014, the Academic Council (AC) and Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) approved the change of the paper-based SFQ at PolyU to an online SFQ (eSFQ) system and its associated policy and guidelines, and that a full-scale pilot implementation of the eSFQ for all Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR) and General University Requirements (GUR) subjects be conducted in the academic year 2014/15.

The full implementation of the eSFQ for all subjects will be effective from 2015/16 onwards.

  Operational guidelines for implementing the eSFQ at PolyU  
  PolyU SFQ handbook for subject leaders and subject teachers  (Plain version)  (Markup version)  
  Sample additional questions about the subject and the staff member’s teaching  
  PolyU SFQ handbook for departmental SFQ administrators  (Plain version)  (Markup version)  
  Procedures for conducting in-class eSFQ  
    - Special request form for in-class eSFQ (for survey periods outside the regular 13-week teaching schedule)  
  Cumulative norms for SFQ scores by Faculty/School  
  Interpreting the results from the Faculty-based Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ)  
  Understanding the nature and limitations of student feedback on teaching  
  An Interactive tool for interpreting your SFQ score  
  Samples of other Teaching Evaluation Forms