Developing your own Teaching Portfolio


Example - Accesibility to Students


The key questions to be answered are:

How do I ensure that students with academic difficulties have appropriate opportunities to meet with me and resolve those difficulties?

Possibilities include the following:

(a) Specifying to students the times at which you will be available in your office for consultation: i.e. notifying them of your "office hours".

(b) Finishing classes a little early, and waiting behind to talk with students who wish to consult you.

(c) Systematically arranging brief interviews with all students in a (small) class.

(d) Letting students know that you will receive e-mail enquiries, and respond to these.

The following is an example of a possible portfolio entry.


Accessibility to students

1.  I post a copy of the hours during which I guarantee to be available to students, on my Office door, and also advise students of these hours in class. Usually I try to specify at least three hours per week. (A copy of my current Office Hours timetable is attached.)

2.  I let students know that they can contact me by e-mail about any matter relating to the course subject matter, reading lists, etc. I specify that I will respond to these queries twice a week.