Developing your own Teaching Portfolio


Example - Assessment Methods and Feedback Given to Students


The key questions to be answered are:

1. How do I assess the students?
2. Why do I use those methods of assessment?
3. How do I provide feedback to my students on their performance?
4. Is my feedback adequate, constructive and helpful in facilitating learning?
5. How are the assessment methods and the feedback consistent with my teaching aims and philosophy?

The following is an example of a possible portfolio entry.


Assessment Methods and Feedback

The assessment of one of the year three subjects is by group project. The students form groups of four or five, select and complete a project from a given list of topics. This method of assessment is chosen for the year three students because the main objective at this final stage of the course is to help students to develop an in-depth understanding, integration and application of knowledge of the subject area. This learning outcome is important to prepare students for professional practice.

As some of the students may not have previous experience of doing a project, I provide them with relevant guidance and help in explaining about the assessment criteria, the procedures for doing a project, and my expectations of both their role and mine in the exercise. A copy of a "Guideline" document that I have developed is attached. During the process, I also provide opportunity for students to discuss their progress with me so that I can give comments and feedback. During these discussion sessions, I also encourage students to self-assess their progress, and to identify and suggest further development.

I find this method of assessment appropriate not only for my teaching aims and philosophy which is to facilitate independent and student-centred learning, it also provides a valid way of assessing the quality of learning which is required of a competent professional in real life practice.

Assessment of the year one subjects is by conventional tests and examinations. I have developed an "Assignment cover sheet" (copy attached), which I find efficient and effective for giving feedback to large numbers of students.