Developing your own Teaching Portfolio


Example - Feedback on Teaching


The key questions to be addressed are:

1. What feedback have I obtained on my teaching, and from whom?

2. What actions have I taken as a result of this?

Possible sources of feedback include the following.

Students may give feedback via:

  • Formalised and standardised questionnaires such as the Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ), the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ) and the Subject Evaluation Questionnaire (SEQ).
  • Formalised questionnaires which are specially constructed
  • Informal and other ad hoc procedures [ EDU can give advice on these]

Colleagues may give feedback via:

  • Formalised written comments based on classroom observations and/or inspection of course materials
  • More informal verbal (or written) feedback

Course Team Leaders or Head of Department may give comments in a formal or informal manner, based upon systematic or random observations.

External Examiners' Reports may contain comments that pertain to your teaching.

An example of a possible portfolio entry follows.


Feedback on Teaching

Appended to this Section are the following documents.

(a) SFQ Reports for Year 1 "Introduction to Xology" and Year 3 "Advanced Zography"

(b) SEQ Report for Year 1 "Introduction to Xology"

(c) Summary of student comments collected informally in week 6 of "Introduction to Xology"

(d) Written comments from two colleagues who observed my teaching on two occasions in "Introduction to Xology

(e) External examiner's Report on Degree Course in Zography.

Comments on "Introduction to Xology"

This is the first year I've taught the subject. I found it difficult lecturing to a group of more than 100, and it was apparent early on that students were having difficulty understanding the subject. For this reason I asked colleagues to sit in on my classes, and also asked students for written comments during one of the lectures. (See (c) and (d) above). As a result of these comments I made the following changes.

1. I provided students with an overview of the lecture at the start of each

2. I used more OHP slides with main points

3. I went at a slower pace

4. I included more practical examples in my lectures.

This led to an improvement. My mean SFQ scores for the end of the year (see (a) above) are slightly above the norms for the Faculty as a whole. However, there are still improvements to be made, as is apparent from the SFQ Report and the SEQ feedback. (See (b)). Next year I intend to:

A. Introduce a new text book;
B. provide a much more detailed subject overview for students at the start of the year's teaching.

Comments on "Advanced Zography"

This is the third time I have taught this subject. It is an area in which I feel very confident. This is reflected in my SFQ scores which are well above the Faculty norms. Also, the external examiner had considerable praise for the student achievement in this subject and the innovative approach which was taken. (See (e) above).