Teaching Evaluation in PolyU


PolyU is committed to providing the best possible professional education for its students. Good teaching is therefore strongly emphasized and highly valued by the University.

The Handbook on Teaching Evaluation is a comprehensive guide to teaching evaluation policies for all parties involved in eveluating teaching performance.


Services available from EDC


On behalf of the University, EDC co-ordinates, implements and monitors the University-wide faculty/school-based Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ) exercise and the annual exit survey of all full-time and part-time graduates of PolyU.

EDC supports staff and departments to make use of the feedback collected for the improvement of learning and teaching by providing help and consultation in:

  • interpreting the results of SFQ, and

  • developing teaching improvement plans on the basis of feedback collected.

Evaluation of programmes or teaching initiatives is conducted for departments, programme teams, or individual staff members on request.

To assist and encourage staff to obtain a more holistic view of their teaching performance, EDC promotes and advises on other forms of teaching evaluation such as peer review and the use of teaching portfolios.

For enquiries, please contact Dr Christine Armatas (ext 6284; email: christine.armatas@polyu.edu.hk).