The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Guidelines for Preventing Student Plagiarism



For the purpose of preventing plagiarism and promoting academic honesty on campus, the following actions, resources and references are commended to Departments and other operating units that work with students.



Recommended Actions

References and Resources

1.    Provide lessons for new students as soon as possible after they enter the PolyU about:

   what plagiarism means and the various form it takes

   PolyU・s policy about plagiarism

   the consequences if they commit

   strategies that will help them learn effectively (and reduce the intention to plagiarize)

   the importance of doing their own work so that they develop attributes and competence for future employment


        :Peer Tutors; can be used to support new students・ learning in this respect.

  PolyU・s Student Handbook

       (see :Academic Studies - Plagiarism and Bibliographic Referencing;and :Penalties Applied to Offences; under the Chapter on Conduct & Discipline)


  PolyU resources for students

       From the English Language Centre


       From Pao Yu-Kong Library

       (Go to WWW for PolyU resources)


   About plagiarism for staff:

       (All staff should go to the WWW and read this comprehensive and excellent resource)


       (Particularly helpful and readable overview)


   About plagiarism for staff and students:

       (Practical advice directed at both groups)


   Avoiding Plagiarism: OWL Materials:

       (Recommended by a student as particularly helpful and readable. You may use this when teaching students about Plagiarism)


2.    Issue all students with a letter that simply explains to them:

   what plagiarism is and how to find out more about it

   why it is important not to plagiarise

   the consequences of plagiarizing


  See the sample letter to be issued by Head of an academic department

3.    Ensure that assessment systems within the department are robust in that:

  students are taught how to reference

  expectations are clear

  course work is designed so that plagiarising is made difficult


  See :Assessment Design to Prevent Plagiarism;

4.    Require students to sign an Honour Declaration for each (major) assignment they hand in


  See examples of Honour Declaration

   See also


       Design your own, fit for purpose


5.    Develop the skills of staff for detecting plagiarism


   See :Strategies of Detection; in


Revised: August 2008

First version: 26 August 2003