The PolyU, in preparing students for their future careers, aims to maintain high academic standards and - at the same time - produce students who will act and work in an honest way.

One aspect of honesty concerns plagiarism. Although plagiarism can take many forms, and definitions abound, a widely shared understanding is that plagiarism occurs when someone tries to pass off another personĦĤs work or ideas as their own without acknowledgement.

Plagiarism is taken very seriously at the PolyU. It is a disciplinary offence which can result in reduced grades, failed subjects, and suspension and expulsion from the University.

Academic departments have an important role to play in:

ĦE educating students about plagiarism and its various forms;
ĦE raising awareness of the issue, especially among students how are in their first year of study;
organising teaching and learning so that academic honesty is promoted and plagiarism is avoided;
ĦE ensuring that students know the consequences of passing off someone elseĦĤs work as their own;
ĦE making certain that action is taken when students wittingly plagiarise.