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PolyU Resources for Teachers
PowerPoint for Academic Integrity Induction
It explains the meaning of plagiarism, why it is a problem and how students can make use of the Turnitin service to avoid plagiarism and improve their work. You need to customize/adapt it to suit your context.
PowerPoint for Introduction of Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity
The PowerPoint slides contain essential information on the compulsory completion of the Online Tutorial, such as what the Tutorial is about, how to access it and its completion requirements. You need to customise/adapt the slides to suit your context.
Guideline for Using Copyright Materials in Learning and Teaching
This website prepared by PolyU Library provides information that will help teachers to understand about using copyright materials in teaching and learning.

See the sample letter to be issued by Head of an academic department

"Assessment Design to Prevent Plagiarism"

Examples of Honour Declaration

Other Resources for Teachers

About plagiarism for staff:
(All staff should go to the WWW and read this comprehensive and excellent resource)
(Particularly helpful and readable overview)

Quality Assessment - Plagiarism Statement from Heriot Watt University

Strategies of Detection

Designing Assessment to Improve Physical Sciences Learning

Changing Assessment to Improve Chemistry Learning

PolyU Resources for Students

Quick Start for students
It describes in a step-by-step manner how the students can log onto the system, submit their assignments, check the original report and re-submit their work.

Booklet for students
It contains useful information on the definition and problems of plagiarism, PolyU policies and regulations, as well as useful tips to students on how to avoid it.

PolyU¡¦s Student Handbook
(see ¡§Academic Studies - Plagiarism and Bibliographic Referencing¡¨and ¡§Penalties Applied to Offences¡¨ under the Chapter on Conduct & Discipline)

From the English Language Centre

From Pao Yue-Kong Library

Other Resources for Students

University of Maryland University College VAIL
Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory: A resource for academic integrity in the 21st century classroom

Acadia University Vaughan Memorial Library