Good Teaching Practice Video Series - Ms. Chloe Lau

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Ms. Chloe Lau
Learning in the Real World


In this video, Ms. Chloe Lau and her students share their experience in a capstone project in which students were assigned to plan and organise an international conference. Ms. Lau adopted Kolb's experiential learning cycle in designing this real-world project assignment to link up different major stages of learning for strengthening the learning experience. With appropriate guidance and support from their teachers students practised, consolidated and improved the knowledge and skills they had learned from the programme. At the end, students celebrated their success with their client, their teacher and the conference participants.

About the Teacher
Ms. Chloe Lau is an Instructor in the School of Hotel & Tourism Management. She was awarded the President's Award for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching (2008/09).