Good Teaching Practice Video Series - Dr. Joanne Yip

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Dr. Joanne Yip
Materials Library Project


Learning a large amount of technical information can be overwhelming for students. Dr. Joanne Yip helps her students to overcome it by giving them a project to work in groups to learn and apply technical knowledge in a professional yet interesting way. They have to develop and then build a physical miniature materials library that could help professionals in different sections of the industry locate textile fabrics and accessories and their information easily. Students have to search information and categorise the materials according to their characteristics and the expectations of the professionals. Throughout the whole process, they develop a thorough understanding of the characteristics of different kinds of fabrics and accessories. At the end, Dr. Yip is proud of her students' accomplishments. Meanwhile, her students agree that they enjoyed very much this learning experience.

About the Teacher
Dr. Joanne Yip is a Lecturer in the Intitute of Textiles & Clothing.