Good Teaching Practice Video Series

Good Teaching Practice  

Message from the Deputy President & Provost

Quality teaching is instrumental to quality student learning. At PolyU, we recognise good teachers as an invaluable asset and strive to foster a culture of teaching excellence. Every year, we honour our best teachers with teaching awards and organise symposiums and other occasions in which the award winners may share their philosophy and insights with their fellow teachers. The University also provides funding for teaching development projects and maintains a wide range of teaching development activities and services through the Educational Development Centre. All this serves to create the favourable conditions for teachers to develop and flourish, and ultimately make a positive impact on student learning.

This video showcase is another example of our effort in honouring and promoting good teaching practice. Watching these videos, I am impressed by the heart our teachers have put into their teaching, their commitment to supporting student development, and their courage to innovate for better student learning. Such excellence in teaching is something we should be proud of and should strive to emulate and preserve.

Prof. Philip CH Chan



 Video Showcase
Dr. Grace Ngai, Dr. Stephen Chan, Dr. Vincent Ng
Service + Learning
Dr. Robert Wright
Staying F.O.C.U.S.E.D.
Mrs. Alice Lo
Fostering Reflection in Work-based Learning
Dr. Mable Chan
Fostering Independent Learning
Dr. Alison Lloyd
Active Learning in Large Class
Dr. Dechao Li
Encouraging Students
Dr. Raymond Wong
Society & the Engineer
Ms. Chloe Lau
Learning in the Real World
Dr. Sandy Tang
Developing Responsible Professionals
Dr. Joanne Yip
Materials Library Project
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