The mission of the Educational Development Centre (EDC) is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in PolyU and support the University's strategic initiatives in nurturing the development of all-round students with excellent professional competence.


The major goals of EDC are to:

  1. Advise and support Senior Management in formulating, disseminating and implementing policies, guidelines, and strategic initiatives that promote excellence in learning and teaching within the University.

  2. Assist Faculties and departments to adopt and implement such policies and initiatives.

  3. Support academic staff to continually improve their teaching through a scholarly approach, with the goal of building up a community of reflective practitioners dedicated to enhancing student learning.

  4. Promote the adoption of innovative, student-centred, enquiry-based approaches to learning, and support the effective integration of technologies in such approaches, to facilitate students’ development of professional knowledge, skills and generic competencies.

  5. Continually pursue and maintain excellence in the Centre’s professional knowledge and expertise in educational development for better delivery of its services.



To achieve the above mission and goals, the specific objectives of EDC are to:

  1. Provide advice and professional and executive support to the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC), particularly in the formulation, dissemination and implementation of policies, guidelines and strategic initiatives which promote excellence in learning and teaching.

  2. Participate in and contribute proactively and professionally to the work of major University committees and working groups on matters relating to learning and teaching.

  3. Work in collaboration with Faculties, Departments, academic staff as well as other teaching and learning support units to advance the quality of student learning.

  4. Support the continuous professional development of new and experienced staff in teaching through the organisation of teaching development activities such as extended programmes, workshops, consultations and involvement in teaching development projects.

  5. Promote and support innovative student-centred, enquiry-based approaches to teaching, learning and assessment.

  6. Promote and support blended learning through the use of web-based and other educational technologies to enhance student learning.

  7. Encourage and support Faculties, Departments and academic staff to improve the effectiveness of their programmes and teaching through systematic collection of and critical reflection on evidence and feedback with regard to students’ learning and achievement of intended learning outcomes.

  8. Engage in or support, where appropriate, investigation into issues related to the educational initiatives of the University, and share the findings with academic staff.

  9. Disseminate recent advances in teaching and learning, and promote the sharing of experiences and good practices among PolyU staff as well as with staff from other local and overseas institutions.