New Website on Online Teaching and new resources for teachers, DLTCs, HoDs, CLOs and students

New Online Teaching Website

A new one-stop online teaching website has been established to offer up-to-date learning and teaching policies and news, helpful guidance and resources on learning and teaching, IT support, and more. We hope that this website proves useful for staff to keep up with the latest developments, plan effective lessons in an online environment, and to interact and create meaningful learning environments.

Useful Documents for Staff with teaching duties, HoDs, DLTCs, CLOs, and Students

For Teaching Staff

For staff with teaching duties to prepare for online teaching and learning, check uploading materials to Blackboard and preparing and conducting a synchronous session. Check the comparison chart between Blackboard Collaborate and MS Team to help decide which tool to use. Find the useful guide about creating videos for your classes. A sample online lesson plan will also be on the website to help teachers plan their synchronous sessions. You may also consider enriching your course with Open Educational Resources (OER).

For Students

Guidelines have been written for students. They include the general Student guide, guidelines about accessing materials on Blackboard, participating in synchronous sessions and learning with short videos and PowerPoint. An eLearning video guide will be found on the online teaching website soon. Please direct your students to the guidelines written for them on the elearning webpage for students within the eLearning website.


Following instructions from the University, the online teaching website also contains documents for HoDs, DLTCs, and CLOs, such as guides for monitoring the quality of uploaded teaching materials, teaching videos and synchronous lessons.

Do Your Preparations Meet the Standard?

If you want to check the quality of your preparation of online teaching, the document Quality Standards for Online Teaching will inform you of PolyU’s standards and requirement. In addition, you may also use the Self-evaluation Form for Online Teaching Quality as a tool to check that your online lessons are ready and to conduct self-review.

Upcoming Webinars on Online Teaching and Learning

EDC is offering more webinars every day next week. They are listed below with the names of EDC facilitators. Registration can be found here.

Date Time Webinar (Rerun) Facilitators
10 Feb (Mon) 12:30-1:30 pm Creating and Using Videos in Online Teaching Dave Gatrell, Anthony Ho & Kong Chau
11 Feb (Tue) 12:30-1:30 pm Using uRewind to Create, Edit and Share Online Video Dr KP Mark and Mitesh Patel
12 Feb (Wed) 12:30-1:30 pm Assessing Students in Online Teaching and Learning Roy Kam and Green Luk
13 Feb (Thur) 12:30-1:30 pm Preparing and Delivering Online Classes Dr Eric Tsui
14 Feb (Fri) 12:30-1:30 pm Building Engaging Online Learning David Watson
For further EDC support, email us or contact your department’s EDC liaison person. All the best with your online teaching!

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