Our Staff - Ada Tse


Ada Tse

Assistant Educational Development Officer


Room: TU617a

Tel ext: 4414

E-mail: ada.sk.tse@polyu.edu.hk

Fax: 2334-1569

  Areas of Responsibility    
  • Quality Enhancement
  • Learning Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  Curriculum Vitae    
  Academic Qualifications    
   Year Institution Qualification Field of Study  
  2012 The University of Hong Kong Master of Statistics Statistics  
  2006 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Science (Hons) Statistics, Risk Management Science  
  Work Experience  
   From To Institution Position Held  
  2018 Date Educational Development Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Assistant Educational Development Officer  
  2015 2018 Educational Development Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Project Associate  
  2012 2015 The University of Hong Kong Research Assistant I  
  2010 2011 Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR Research Manager  
  2008 2010 Emaster Consultants Limited Project Officer  
  2007 2008 Bossini Enterprises Limited Assistant Research Officer  
  2006 2007 The Hong Kong Institute of Education Research Assistant  
  Major Publications and Conference Presentations  

Armatas, C., Tse, A., Chan, S.C., & Li. B., (2018, June). Developing a Learning Analytics Tool to Empower Teachers to Conduct Analyses of Learners’ Online Behavior. Paper presented at 43rd International Conference on Improving University Teaching: New Spaces for Learning, Charles Stuart University, Port Macquarie, Australia.

Chow, J., Tse, A., & Armatas, C. (2018). Comparing trained and untrained teachers on their use of LMS tools using the Rasch analysis. Computers & Education, 123, 124-137.

Chow, J., Tse, A., & Armatas, C. (2017, July). Measuring students’ perceived learning gains: A longitudinal study using Rasch modeling. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Institutional Research (AAIR) SIG Forum, Sydney, Australia.

Tse, A., Chow, J., Armatas, C., Foung, D., Chen, J. & Chan, C.S. (2017, July). Exploring the relationship between the time of completing online quizzes and students’ performance in academic writing. Paper presented at EduLEARN17, Barcelona, Spain. 

Armatas, C., Chow, J., Tse, A., Chan, K., Cheng, A., Chan, C. S. & Luk, W. T. (2016). Differences in learning management system use by teachers who participate in training. Asian Journal of Educational Research, 4(5), 47-56

Chow, J., & Tse, A. (2016, August). Examining teachers’ use of learning management system with the Rasch Analysis. Paper presented at the Pacific-Rim Objective Measurement Symposium, Xi’an, China.

Oon, P. T. & Tse, S. K. (2016, August). Identifying a trajectory of item development for a cross-national assessment. Paper presented at IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13, Joint Symposium 2016, University of California, Berkeley, 3 – 5 August 2016.

Armatas, C., Chow, J., Chan, K., Tse, A., Chan, D. & Luk, W. T. (2016, July). The effect of learning management system training on teachers’ online teaching. Paper presented at the 16th ICICTE conference, Rhodes, Greece.

Tse, A., Chan, D., Luk, G. & Cheng, A. (2016, June). Cracking open the blackbox of LMS logs Blackboard usage logs. Paper presented at the eLearning Forum Asia, Shanghai, China.

Oon, P. T., Law, N., Soojin, K., Kim, S. & Tse, S. K. (2013, June).  Psychometric assessment of ICILS test items on Hong Kong and Korean students – A Rasch analysis. Paper presented at the 5th IEA International Research Conference, Singapore, 26 – 28 June, 2013