PolyU Official Papers on Teaching and Learning


This page collects PolyU's policies, regulations and guidelines on teaching. Teachers will find these resources helpful in answering many of the questions that come with teaching in PolyU.



The University's Plans

Vision and mission Source: CPA
Strategic Plan Source: CPA


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

PolyU's Position on Learning and Teaching (LTC, 2002)
Integrated Plan for Fostering the Development of the Desired Graduate Attributes at PolyU 2012-15 (LTC, 2012)
4-Year Curriculum Implementation of the 4-Year Undergraduate Degree Structure at PolyU
Framework Paper on PolyU 4-year Undergraduate Degree Programmes
Good Practices in Organisng First Year Experiences for Students
Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Guidelines for Curriculum Revision 2005-2008 (WGCR, 2004)
Learning Outcomes for PolyU Graduates of HD programmes (LTC, 2018)
Learning Outcomes for PolyU Graduates at Undergraduate Level: Policy and Guidelines | 2009 | 2012 | 2020
Learning Outcomes for PolyU Graduates of Taught Postgraduate Programmes: Policy and Guidelines (2009)
Learning Outcomes for Graduates of Research Postgraduate Programmes: Policy and Guidelines (2018)
OBE Websites (Staff | Students)
Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Guidelines for Work-Integrated Education (2004)
Active Learning Active Classroom for the 21st Century (LTC, 2002)
Policy on the use of technology-enhanced active learning approaches in large classes (LTC, 2016)


Copyright, Intellectual Property and Academic Integrity

Guideline for Using Copyright Materials in Learning and Teaching Source: Library
Policy on Ownership of Intellectual Property (PIP) Source: IfE
Regulation on the Management of Intellectual Property (RMIP) Source: IfE
Academic Integrity Policy on Promoting Academic Integrity (LTC, 2012)
-- Policy Amendment (July 2012)
Student Guide to Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity (2012)
Instructor Guide to Using Turnitin Basic Assignment (2012)
Quick Student Guide to Using Turnitin Basic with LEARN (2012)



Guidelines for the Implementation of Criterion-Referenced Assessment (LTC, 2005)
Guidelines for Good Practices in Continuous Assessment (LTC, 2008)
Policy on the use of rubrics in major assessment tasks (LTC, 2016)


Teaching Evaluation

Handbook on Teaching Evaluation
Note: The Handbook on Teaching Evaluation incorporates and supersedes the following guidelines:
- Guidelines for Teaching Evaluation at PolyU (LTC, 2007)
- Criteria for Evaluating Teaching Performance: A Concise Reference (LTC, 2014)
- Operational guidelines for implementing the eSFQ at PolyU (LTC, 2014)
- Guidelines for Conducting Peer Review of Teaching Practice (LTC, 2015)
Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ)


Quality Assurance

The following documents are maintained by AR.
Handbook on PolyU's Quality Assurance Framework, Mechanism and Processes
Guidelines and Regulations for Programme Planning, Validation and Management
Handbook on Planning, Approval and Management of Continuing Education Courses
Guidelines on the Departmental Review System for Academic Departments
Guidelines for Collecting and Using Student Feedback (LTC, 2012)


Outcome Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (LOAP) 2008-2012
Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (LOAP) 2012-2015
Developing a Programme LOAP: A Simple and Practical Guide for PolyU Staff
Implementing Programme LOAP for Taught Postgraduate Programmes (WGOBE, 2013)
The following surveys are administered by EDC.
Alumni Survey Implementation plan for Ug and HD
Procedures for programmes to include additional questions in PolyU’s UG and sub-degree Alumni Survey
Alumni survey system for TPg programmes
Reports (Ug): 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 |
FYE Survey First Year Experience Survey
Reports: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 (main report / supplementary report) | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 |
GSS Graduating Student Survey
Reports: 2015 (pilot) | 2016 | 2017 |
The following surveys are administered by other units.
Grad. Employment Graduate Employment Survey
Administered by CAPS
Reports: 1999 - Present
SAARD Self-Assessment of All-Round Development (SAARD)
Administered by SAO
Reports: Contact SAO


Academic Regulations

The following papers are maintained by AR.
Handbook on Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes
Please visit AR website for other versions of academic regulations


Human Resources

Appointment Maintained by HRO
The 2011 Framework for Appointment, Promotion and Retention of Academic Staff
Teaching Postgraduate Scheme (TPS) TPS (administered by GS)
Potential Uses of TAs in Supporting and Enhancing Teaching (VPAD, 2012)
Guidelines for Evaluation of TA under TPS Scheme (VPAD, 2012)


Reports and Data

PolyU Annual Report Source: CPA
PolyU in Figures Source: IRPO
A Profile of New Students Source: SAO