This programme is designed to equip candidates for Teaching Assistantships with the skills to get started in supporting classroom teaching and enhancing student learning.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental teaching skills to get off to a good start
  • Grade student work by established criteria
  • Give effective feedback to help students learn
  • Use English to interact, elicit and question in a classroom/tutorial setting
  • Plan and conduct tutorials

Issuance of Certificates

A Certificate of Attendance will be given to participants who have completed all online modules, the online briefing session and all homework assignments.


By the end of the specified module, participants should be able to: Duration

Synchronous Module


  • Understand how to use the material and resources in this programme
  • Identify the difference between face-to-face teaching and online teaching
  • Get started with using online tools to conduct synchronous sessions
1 hr
Online homework 1: Complete a journal before starting with Module 1 (1 hr)
Asynchronous Modules

Starting Off Right

  • Have a better understanding of your roles and responsibilities in the teaching and learning process
  • Explain the importance of managing the classroom in building a conducive learning environment
  • Clearly communicate your expectations in terms of student behavior
  • Start to establish an appropriate relationship with students
  • Use ground rules to enhance student learning
1.5 hr

Marking and Grading

  • Mark and grade student work according to given criteria
  • Understand why feedback is important to students
  • Give constructive verbal and written feedback to help students learn
1.5 hr

Conducting Tutorials

  • Plan and conduct problem solving tutorials
  • Plan and conduct case study-based tutorials
  • Start to set up a collaborative learning environment by putting students in teams and leading discussions
1.5 hr

English for Instructional Purposes: Interacting, Eliciting and Questioning

  • Give clear instructions in English to help students learn
  • Use English to
    - foster student interactions
    - elicit students’ prior knowledge and check understanding
  • get students to ask questions and answering students’ questions
1.5 hr

Online homework 2: course reading (1 hr)

Online homework 3: read the material on online teaching and write about one practice that works (1 hr)
Total hours 10 hrs

Registration will start at 10:00 am, 7 April and will be closed once available places are filled.