Recipients of the President's Awards and Faculty/School Awards

Every year, the President's Awards for Excellent Performance & Achievement in Teaching and the Faculty/ School Awards for Outstanding Performance & Achievement in Teaching were awarded to the teachers who have demonstrated excellent performance and achievement in teaching. Let us celebrate and honour the good work by these teaching award-winners!


Recipients of the President's Awards for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching

2015/16 2013/14 2012/13 2011/12 2010/11 2010/11
Dr Henry Chan

Dr Gail Forey

Dr Calvin Wong

Dr Basak D. Guillet
Dr Henry Chan

Prof. Iris F.F. Benzie

2009/10 2009/10 2008/09 2008/09 2007/08 2007/08  
Dr Dechao Li
Dr Grace Ngai
Ms Juliana Chau

Ms Chloe Lau

Dr Jason Choi
Dr Alan Lau
2006/07 2005/06 2004/05 2004/05 2003/04 2002/03  
Dr Simon Wong

Ms Margaret Liddle

Dr Robert P. Wright

Prof. Yip Kam-shingAPSS

Dr Jenny C.C. Chung, RS

Ms Julia Chen
Lecturer, ELC

2002/03 2001/02 2001/02 2000/01 2000/01 2000/01  
Mr Steve Frankland

Dr Samuel Y.S. Chan
AF (formerly ACCT)

Dr Rhonda J. Scudds

Dr Cecilia Li-Tsang

Dr L.A. Snider

Prof. D. Sutanto

2000/01 1999/2000 1999/2000 1999/2000 1999/2000    
Mr H.S. Wong

Dr Chow Ming-cheung

Dr J. M. K. MacAlpine

Dr Vincent To-yee Ng

Dr Yuen Da-wai, David,
1998/99 1998/99 1998/99 1998/99 1998/99 1997/98  


Dr Chan Suk-sun, Dennis, ACCT


Dr Chan Yee-kwong, Ricky, BUSS


Prof. Lee Yuk-cheung


Dr Tang Chak-yin


Mrs Jones Ho Yee-men, Alice, RS


Mr Stephen Frankland

1997/98 1996/97          


Dr Ng Yin-fat, Gabriel


Dr Lam Pun-lee


Recipients of Faculty/School Awards for Outstanding Performance and Achievement in Teaching  
FAST Dr Man-kin Wong, Assoc. Prof., ABCT  
FCE Dr Xiaolin Zhu, Asst. Prof., LSGI  
FENG Prof. C.Y. Wen, Prof., ME  
FHSS Dr Tsang Man Ha, Asst. Prof., RS  
  Team Award: Prof. Frances Wong Kam-yuet, Prof., SN; Dr Kitty Chan, Lecturer, SN; Ms Chan Wai Shan, Clinical Assoc., SN;
Mr Arkers K.C. Wong, Clinical Assoc., SN; Ms Jacqueline Ho, Clinical Assoc., SN
FH Dr Linda Lin, Lecture, ELC  
SHTM Dr Lorenzo Masiero, Assoc. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Chris Lo, K.Y., Assoc. Prof., ITS  
  Team Award: Dr Fridolin Ting, Teaching Fellow, AMA; Prof. C.K. Chan, Prof., AMA; Dr Raymond Nung-Sing Sze, Assoc. Prof., AMA; Dr Zhang Hua, Teaching Fellow, AMA  
FB Dr Yuen Kam-por, Senior Teaching Fellow, AF  
FCE Dr Barbara W.Y. Siu, Senior Teaching Fellow, CEE  
  Team Award: Dr Charles M.S. Wong, Asst. Prof., LSGI; Prof. John W.Z. Shi, Chair Prof., LSGI; Prof. Esmond Mok, Prof., LSGI; Prof. Xiaoli Ding, Chair Prof., LSGI;
Prof. Chen Wu, Prof., LSGI; Dr Lilian Pun, Assoc. Prof., LSGI; Prof. Janet Nichol, Visiting Lecturer, LSGI; Ir Dr Wallace Wai-lok Lai, Asst. Prof., LSGI;
Mr Roy Kam, Educational Development Officer, EDC; Miss Ariel Mak, Project Assoc. LSGI; Ms Serein Han, Scientific Officer, LSGI
FENG Prof. C.W. Leung, Adjunct Prof., ME  
FHSS Dr W.K. Ting, Clinical Assoc., SO  
FH Dr Dennis Tay, Assoc. Prof., ENGL  
SD Dr Yan Luximon, Asst. Prof., SD  
SHTM Prof. Hanqin Qiu, Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Kevin Kwok WH, Research Asst. Prof., ABCT  
FCE Dr Stephen D. Mau, Asst. Prof., BRE  
FENG Dr Lui Wing Cheung, Teaching Fellow, COMP  
FHSS Dr Josephine Lau, Instructor, HTI  
  Team Award: Dr William Tsang, Assoc. Prof., RS; Dr John Yuen, Assoc. Prof., SN; Dr Josephine Lau, Instructor, HTI;
Dr Law Helen KW, Asst. Prof., HTI; Dr Shamay Ng Sheung-mei, Assoc. Prof., RS; Dr Margie O'Donoghue, Asst. Prof., SN;
Miss Fung Tsz Long, Project Assoc., SN; Mr Pang Sai Chung, Asst. Technical Officer, FHSS; Mr Jerry Tsui, Information Technology Officer, FHSS; Miss Cindy Yu, Executive Officer, FHSS; Ms Stepheny Wong Kam-hung, Assistant Officer, FHSS
FH Prof. Stephen Evans, Prof., ENGL  
  Team Award: Mr Adam Forrester, Senior Teaching Fellow, ELC; Ms Bee DY, Instructor, ELC; Ms Jessica Y. Xia, Instructor, ELC;
Mr Keenan Manning, Project Assoc., ELC
SHTM Dr Deniz Kucukusta, Asst. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Cheung Kwong-Chak, Teaching Fellow, ABCT  
  Team Award: Dr C.L. Mak, Assoc. Prof., AP; Dr Dennis C.W. Leung, Assoc. Prof., AP; Dr Yuen Hong Tsang, Asst. Prof., AP;
Dr Choy Siu Hong, Instructor, AP; Dr K.L. Jim, Instructor, AP
FB Dr Alice Shiu, Asst. Prof., AF  
FCE Ir Dr Wallace Wai-lok Lai, Asst. Prof., LSGI  
  Team Award: Dr Charles M.S. Wong, Asst. Prof., LSGI; Prof. Xiaoli Ding, Chair Prof., LSGI; Prof. Esmond Mok, Prof., LSGI;
Prof. Janet Nichol, Visiting Lecturer (Part-time), LSGI; Mr Roy Kam, Educational Development Officer, EDC; Miss Zhang Ran, Tutor, LSGI
FENG Dr Vincent T.Y. Ng, Assoc. Prof., COMP  
FHSS Mr Yam Kong, Teaching Fellow, APSS  
FH Ms Valentina Yee Kwan Chan, Teaching Fellow, CBS  
SHTM Dr Barry Mak, Assoc. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Susan C.F. Ho, Teaching Fellow, ABCT  
FCE Dr Cheung Hiu-dan, Instructor, BSE  
FH Dr Gail Forey, Assoc. Prof., ENGL  
FH Miss Angela Tse, Instructor, ENGL  
FHSS Dr Shirley Ngai, Asst. Prof., RS  
SHTM Dr Liu Zhaoping, Asst. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Calvin Wong Wai-keung, Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Head, ITC  
FB Team Award: Dr Felix E. Mezzanotte, Asst. Prof., AF; Mr Stephen S.K. Chan, Lecturer, AF; Mr Shek Ngo Chi, Instructor, AF; Ms Rain Huang Hong, Lecturer, AF  
FCE Dr Chan Ming-yin, Asst. Prof., BSE  
FENG Dr James Liu, Assoc. Prof., COMP  
FHSS Dr Allen Dorcas, Asst. Prof., APSS  
FH Ms Jiang Hong, Teaching Fellow, CBS  
  Team Award: Dr David Wan, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Jack K.C. Chun, Lecturer, GEC  
SHTM Dr John Ap, Assoc. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Chan Chi-kin, Assoc. Head, AMA  
FB Dr Alison E. Lloyd, Teaching Fellow, MM  
FCE Ir Dr Joseph H.K. Lai, Asst. Prof., BSE  
  Team Award: Prof. C.S. Poon, Prof., & Assoc. Head, CEE; Ir Dr Wallace Wai-lok Lai, Asst. Prof., LSGI; Dr Kou Shicong, Research Fellow, CEE; Mr Wong King Hee, Technician, CEE  
FH Dr Gail Forey, Assoc. Prof., ENGL  
SHTM Dr Basak Denizci Guillet, Asst. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Liu Yuanshuai, Instructor, ABCT  
FB Mr Owen Tang, Tutor, LMS  
FENG Dr Henry Chan, Assoc. Prof., COMP  
FHSS Prof. Iris F.F. Benzie, Chair Prof., & Assoc. Head, HTI  
FH Dr Mable Chan, Lecturer, ENGL  
SHTM Ms Loretta Pang, Instructor, SHTM  
FAST Dr Wong Heung, Assoc. Prof., AMA  
FB Dr Peter Wong, Lecturer, LMS  
FCLU Prof. Tang Bo-sin, Prof. & Assoc. Head, BRE  
FENG Dr Grace Ngai, Assoc. Prof., COMP  
FH Dr Dechao Li, Asst. Prof., CBS  
FHSS Team Award: Prof. Cecilia W.P. Li-Tsang, Prof. & Assoc. Head, RS; Mr Tang Kin-chung, Clinical Instructor, RS; Ms Rebecca Suk Man Wong, Clinical Assoc., RS; Dr Kenneth N.K. Fong, Asst. Prof., RS; Dr Karen P.Y. Liu, Assoc. Prof., RS; Mr Andrew M.H. Siu, Assoc. Prof., RS  
SHTM Dr Andrew Chan, Asst. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Prof. Samuel Lo, Prof. & Assoc. Hd, ABCT  
FB Dr Samuel Y.S. Chan, Assoc. Prof., AF  
  Team Award: Mr Wong Yuen Wai, Lecturer, MM; Mrs Elvy Pang, Lecturer, MM; Miss Kasia Drzewiecka, Project Asst., MM; Miss Egle Tarbunaite, Project Asst., MM  
FENG Prof. C.W. Leung, Prof., ME  
FH Ms Juliana Chau, Lecturer, ELC  
SHTM Ms Chloe Lau, Instructor, SHTM  
FAST Dr Jason T.M. Choi, Assoc. Prof., ITC  
FB Miss Karen Lai, Lecturer, AF  
FCLU Dr Danny Shiem-shin Then, Assoc. Prof., BSE  
FENG Dr Alan K.T. Lau, Assoc. Prof., ME  
FH Team Award: Dr Yu Kam-por, Senior Lecturer, GEC; Dr William Cheung, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Jack K.C. Chun, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Paris Lau, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Ng Pak-sheung, Lecturer, GEC; Dr David Wan, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Helena Wong Pik-wan, Lecturer, GEC; Dr Anthony Yeung Kwok-wing, Lecturer, GEC; Mr Jackson K.S. Cho, Tutor, GEC  
FAST Dr Fuk Yee Kwong, Lecturer, ABCT  
FB Mr Jody Wong, Lecturer, AF  
FCOM Mr Andrew Morrall, Lecturer, ELC  
FENG Team Award: Dr Stephen Chi-fai Chan, Assoc. Hd, COMP; Dr Vincent T.Y. Ng, Assoc. Prof., COMP; Dr Grace Ngai, Asst. Prof., COMP; Miss Edith Chan Hang-yi , Project Asst., COMP  
SHTM Dr Simon Wong, Assoc. Prof., SHTM  
FAST Dr Susan C.F. Ho, Instructor, ABCT  
FB Ms Margaret Liddle, Asst. Prof., AF  
FCOM Mr Charles A. Griffith , Language Insturctor, ELC  
FCLU Dr Bruce King , Asst. Prof., LSGI  
FENG Dr Leung Chi-kin , Asst. Prof., EIE  
FAST Dr K.C. Chung , Asst. Prof., AMA  
FB Dr Robert P. Wright, Asst. Prof., MM  
FCOM Ms Mable Chan, Language Instructor, ENGL  
FCLU Dr Mak Cheuk-ming , Assoc. Prof., BSE  
FENG Dr Alvin T.S. Chan , Assoc. Prof., COMP  
  Team Award: Ir Prof. W.B. Lee, Chair Prof. & Hd, ISE; Dr Henry Lau, Assoc. Prof., ISE; Dr Kwok Siu Keung , Lecturer, ISE; Mr Andrew Ning , Instructor, ISE  
FHSS Prof. Yip Kam-shing, Prof., APSS  
FAST Dr Chi-hung Yeung, Senior Lecturer, ABCT  
FB Dr Eric Ngai, Assoc. Prof., MM  
FCLU Dr Edward Yiu, Asst. Prof., BRE  
FENG Dr Henry Chan, Asst. Prof., COMP  
FHSS Dr Jenny C.C. Chung, Asst. Prof., RS  
FAST Dr K.S. Lee, Asst. Prof., ABCT  
FCOM Ms Julia Chen, Lecturer, ELC  
FCLU Prof. Jin-guang Teng, Prof., CSE  
  Team Award: Prof. Francis K.W. Wong, Prof. & Assoc. Hd, BRE; Mr Patrick T.I. Lam, Asst. Prof., BRE; Prof. Geoffrey Q.P. Shen, Prof., BRE; Dr Bo-sin Tang, Assoc. Prof., BRE; Dr Yat-hung Chiang, Assoc. Prof., BRE  
FENG Mr Steve Frankland, Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Hd, ISE  
FHSS Dr Carrie Hor-yau Lee, Principal Lecturer, APSS  
FENG Dr W.L. Chan, Assoc. Prof., EE  
FENG Dr L.A. Snider, Senior Lecutrer, EE  
FENG Dr Vincent Ng, Asst. Prof., COMP