Teaching Evaluation in PolyU

Teaching Evaluation at PolyU

  • Good teaching is strongly emphasized and highly valued by PolyU because the University is committed to providing the best possible professional education for its students. To ensure and facilitate good teaching at PolyU, the University conducts teaching evaluations regularly to collect feedback from different stakeholders via different channels. You can find a comprehensive guide to teaching evaluation policies for all parties involved in evaluating teaching performance here.

    But briefly, there are three main components in teaching evaluations at PolyU. You can click on each component for more details.

  • The PolyU Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ)
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    At PolyU, all full-time and part-time staff having a major teaching responsibility for any subjects/classes of any PolyU award-bearing programmes at the sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels are required to collect feedback from students on their teaching on a regular basis for both developmental and judgmental purposes. The results will be used as one of the sources of evidence in judging a staff member’s teaching performance in the annual staff appraisal and in important personnel decisions regarding (re)appointments, tenure and promotion.

    The SFQ system

    The SFQ system draws different information from different systems and consists of two main sites: one for staff members and one for students.

    Workshop series

    Each year, EDC offers a workshop series on SFQ consisting of three workshops.

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    Looking for more information about the SFQ?
    Contact us.

    SFQ advice

    Dr Joseph Chow, EDO
    Ext: 6320

    SFQ policies

    Mr Kenneth Tam, LTC Secretary
    Ext: 4103

    eSFQ general enquires and support


  • Teaching Portfolio
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    Did you know that for academic reviews or staff appraisal that you may need to subject a teaching portfolio?

    A teaching portfolio is a document compiled by an academic staff member to represent or make claims about his/her teaching practice or accomplishments. It is an opportunity to document and demonstrate the effectiveness of your teaching by presenting a wide range of evidence from a variety of sources.

    While the format of the teaching portfolio isn’t stipulated, the University provides a e-portfolio platform
    – the eTeaching Portfolio (eTP) system
    – for teachers to use if they want.

    The PolyU eTP system

    The PolyU eTeaching Portfolio (eTP) system is an online platform for teaching staff members to compile their teaching achievements into a portfolio. It facilitates the documentation of teaching evidence in a systematic and an efficient way for developmental and judgmental purposes. It is designed to support the preparation of supporting documents in accordance with the documentation requirements for academic reviews set out in Handbook on Teaching Evaluation.

    You will find the system at www.polyu.edu.hk/etp. Log in using your NetID and password. A user guide to using the system can be found here.


    Do you have a question or need assistance regarding the system?
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    Mr John Sager
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  • Peer Review
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    Peer review of teaching is part of the formal teaching evaluation process at PolyU. It is confined to the review of teaching in a classroom setting, and so is conducted in the form of classroom observation. You can find out more about peer review at PolyU, including who needs one and when, in the Handbook on Teaching Evaluation.

    List of reviewers

    Would you like to invite a reviewer to do a peer review?
    Find the list of certified reviewers here.


    Do you have a question about peer review at PolyU?
    Contact us.

    Dr Barbara Tam
    Ext: 5108
    Mr John Sager
    Ext: 5081