UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals (2016-19 Triennium)


With a view to motivating local universities to accelerate the adoption of necessary pedagogical changes and innovations, UGC announced a call in mid-2016 to all eight universities for competitive bidding of an inter-institutional teaching and learning fund totalling HK$200 million.

Overall Results of the Eight Institutions

Altogether UGC received a total of 89 proposals from the 8 UGC-funded institutions. UGC formed an Assessment Panel with external experts to review these project proposals and decided to fund 38 proposals (42.7% success rate) for a total of HK$255.74 million.

PolyU’s Achievements

PolyU submitted 11 proposals to UGC and 8 proposals (72.7% success rate) requesting funding of HK$85.77 million (33.54% of the total funding) are selected for funding. In other words, PolyU’s success rate is 30% higher than the overall success rate for the scheme. Out of the 8 funded projects, 3 are in the Innovation category; 3 Enhancement of Student Learning Experience; 1 Enhancement of Internationalisation and Engagement with Mainland China; and 1 Language Enhancement. The table below provides a comparison of PolyU achievements with the sector-wide statistics.

  All 8 Institutions PolyU PolyU share (%) Remarks

Number of proposals submitted

89 11 12.4  

Number of successful proposals

38 8 21.1  

Allocated funding for successful projects




PolyU ranked #1 in terms of total amount of funding

Success rate (%) 

42.7 72.7 /

PolyU achieved a success rate substantially higher than the average rate


Funded Projects with PolyU as Leading Institution

Of the eight funded projects with PolyU as leading institution, three of them are in the category of (a) Innovation; three in the category of (b) Enhancement of Student Learning Experience; one in the category of (c) Enhancement of Internationalisation and Engagement with Mainland China; and one in the category of (d) Language Enhancement. The following table will provide more details about these projects.

Project Title

Project Leader(s)
Other Participating Universities
Amount of Funding Allocated (HK$)
Augmenting Physical Learning Spaces with Location-based Services Using iBeacon Technology for Engaging Learning Experiences (a) Charles Wong (LSGI) CityU; CUHK; HKBU; HKU; HKUST; LU
Cross-institutional Capacity Building for Service-Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions (b) Grace Ngai (COMP) EduHK; HKBU; LU
Developing Active Learning Pedagogies and Mobile Applications in University STEM Education (a) Fridolin Ting (AMA) CUHK; HKBU; HKU
Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Students through a Data-driven Review of the 4-year Curriculum in UGC Funded Programs (b) Christine Armatas (EDC) CUHK; HKBU
Enriching Senior Year Places Students’ Learning Experience through Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities in Hong Kong’s Universities (b) Kin Cheung (SN) CityU; CUHK, HKBU
Fostering the Integration of Local and Non-local Students for the Enhancement of Internationalization and Engagement with Mainland China (c) MS Wong (BME) HKBU; HKUST
Language Enhancement for Capstone Projects Using Interactive Apps (d) Julia Chen (EDC/ELC); Winnie Yu (ITC) CityU; CUHK; HKBU; HKUST
Transforming Internship for Transformative Learning and Reciprocal Knowledge Transfer between University and Workplace (a) Robert Wright (MM) CUHK; HKBU; HKU; LU


Funded Projects led by Other Institutions with PolyU as Participating Institution

The 15 funded projects with PolyU as participating institution obtain a total funding of HK$105.56 million. Details about these projects are given in the table below.

Project Title
Project Leader
PolyU Colleagues Involved
Projects led by City University of Hong Kong
Meeting the Challenge of Teaching and Learning Language in the University: Enhancing Linguistic Competence and Performance in English and Chinese Jonathan Webster Marvin Lam (ENGL)
Transforming Science and Engineering Talents into Technoprenuers: Hong Kong as a Technology Dragon Derek Ho Stella Tang (AP)
Projects led by Hong Kong Baptist University
A Telecollaborative E-Learning Project on Foreign Language Learning Tushar Chaudhuri Renia Lopez (ENGL)
Coding, Design, and Global Involvement: Engaging Students in Multi-domain Learning Through the Creation of Mobile Apps and an Apps Resource Centre (ARC) Christopher Keyes Fridolin Ting (AMA); Ian Brown (EDC)
Developing Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Competences through Gamification and Challenge-Based Collaborative Learning Eva Wong Kevin Chan (APSS)
Projects led by The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Blended Approach for Social Work Learning: A Reflection-based and User-oriented Pedagogical Model Ching-man Lam Chit-tat Chan (APSS); Yuk-chung Chan (APSS); Daniel Lai (APSS); Kong Yam (APSS)
Effective Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Approach in Hong Kong Higher Education for Enhanced Learning Outcomes Paul Lam Kevin Chan (APSS)
Establishment of Ubiquitous Learning in Teaching and Learning Science for Knowledge Integration (Chemistry and Life Science) Kendrew Mak Ga-lai Law (ABCT)
KEEP Learning for Life: Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform 2.0 Irwin King Eric Tsui (ISE)
Projects led by The Education University of Hong Kong
Joint University Collaboration to Develop Students’ Competence and Leadership in Promoting Integrated STEM Education Yeung-chung Lee Eddie Lam (CEE)
Students as Teaching Partners: Developing Pedagogical Materials and Activities in Chinese Telling and Writing with Community Engagement under ‘Student Network Group’ Framework (with a Digital Archive of Chinese Narratives Open to the Public) Fanny Yuen-mei Li Shuk-man Leung (CC)
Projects led by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Fostering an Innovation & Entrepreneurial Mind-set in a MakerSpace environment via flipped/flicked Cornerstone Design Framework Ben Chan William Lam (CEE); Barbara Siu (CEE)
Mastering the Technical Vocabulary of STEM Claudia Wong Adam Tse (ELC)
Projects led by The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Hub Lillian Wong Adam Forrester (ELC)
The Responsive Universities: Appreciating Content Sharing in General Education Ricky Kwok Chetwyn Chan (AVP(LT))